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Is applying for jobs online killing my chances of getting one?

T,Lincoln asked:

I’ve worked as a tablegames dealer for a popular casino 7yrs. I have no college education but i’m very smart, honest, and learn well. My physical apperance and people skills have always given me a good chance of landing jobs. Now everything is online and my life on paper doesn’t speak well for me. I dont have 8yrs or the money to get a good degree, any advise?

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  1. You should probably show up in person them, work your skills.

  2. I’m with you .. everything is on line now .. no face to face. I think it is really short-sighted and really great people are losing out. Good Luck! :)

  3. You need an education, but you don’t need 8 years or a truckload of money.

    A career school can help you prepare for a solid career in any number of fields. They’re relatively inexpensive, but you’ve got to work hard to stand out from the high volume of students you’re competing against.

  4. No. I got my job applying online.

  5. 1. most people who get good jobs find them through people that they know. try networking with others and join some local organizations. knowing the person who will hire you will probably overshadow doubts about your education if they personally like you and think you can do the job well.
    2. I’m sure you have a local community college so I’d suggest you try signing up there. tuition is extremely reasonable. I did it right out of high school and got my associates for under $4,000. I’m now working on my bachelors and will be getting a law degree, but for you, just getting an associates or vocational degree could take only 18-24 months and cost only a few thousand.

    education is key and you will need it more and more in the coming economy. you obviously are smart so why not try it, you could do really well. best of luck!

  6. i would apply both way, online and in person. sending an email with your job exprience is well especially nowadays but i would also follow up with a call or even ask for an appointment to go in and introduce yourself. if you dont have alot of education, there is a part in the resume where you can put special skills: there add customer service, what you do to your customers that makes you stand out more than others, get letters of recommedation from prior employers and scan them and send them along with your resume.
    you might not be book smart, but you are street smart. use the skills you do have and have confident in yourself.

  7. alwaysmoose Jun 30th 2009

    I know you aren’t going to want to hear this, but you need a degree to get ahead in the job market. A degree is equivalent to 5 years of experience.

    There are tons of programs that only take 2 years to complete and are decent jobs. You can also apply for student loans. Some programs in areas of exceptionally high demand will pay for your degree while you work.

  8. Networking. talk to the people you work with, talk to your friends, talk to people at church. Tell everyone what you’re looking for and ask them to let you know if they hear anything.

    Knocking on doors. Visit the places you want to work. Ask to talk to the boss and work your magic.

    Forget about getting a degree. I obtained my bachelors of science in education. Can’t get a job because there are hundreds of applicants for every teaching job that opens where I live.

  9. Don’t be discouraged, you don’t need a degree to land a great job. What you do need is a good resume and good verbal skills. Prepare yourself before an interview and go in confident and relaxed.

  10. instead of focusing on your past work experience.. focus on yuor skills…

    List the type of skills you can do in a resume:

    Customer Service Skills
    Leadership Skills etc

    Then list your past working history…

    This may spruce up your resume adn grab the hiring managers attention better when he can see the different skills you can do.. In teh interviwe you can communicate where you’ve obtained those skills.

    The fact that you apply online is a bonus since it means you can work a computer adn as simple as it may seem that is a good thing.

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