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Can I start a home based business, not get a business license and not pay taxes?

shimshim asked:

I read that if you dont get a business license and you run an at home based business and your neighbors dont complain about your work, its unlikey the IRS will find out and make you pay a fee as well as put your business on hold until its done. Now, in the state of FL, if I chose to not get a license because the type of business (event planning) did not require one, would I still have to pay taxes?

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W4 for two jobs and home based business?

Mexempt asked:

I have a home based business and two full time jobs. Someone told me I should claim 9 exemptions on my W4’s for my jobs, because I have a business. Is this legal? If so what kind of exemptions could I claim?

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What is the best type of home based business to have?

Sarah P asked:

I have a disabled fiance who is unable to work, and needs my care round the clock. I am wanting to start a small home based business, so that I can support us, and also have the time to care for him as needed. Any suggestions?

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Can making your home based business a Corporation give you a tax break?

MES asked:

If anyone knows anything about taxes can tell me if I am self employed with a home based business and file it as a Corporation, can this help me in any way on my taxes.

If yes, please explain.


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