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Is there any good paying jobs online were you can work from your home using internet?

Yessir1983 asked:

I am really good with using the internet/computer and I was wondering if there is any good paying jobs online were I can work from home using my computer? Just wondering because there is to much fraud companys online

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  1. Stock Market

  2. sorry but been there done that about 98.99% are scams the real ones are with big time company’s like wachovia and bank of america but you need a degree.

  3. If there was no one would be in here trying to waste the extra time.

  4. yes theres a new way u talk to people sprint and make them happy

  5. if you want a real job go to and apply…they are a company that hires stay home customer service agents…there are no fees all you need is internet and a phone with a headset…you have to go through the application process first but pay well

  6. There may very well be, but it will take some hard research on your part. As you pointed out, there are a ton of scams. If you are unsure of one, google it to see if there is anything negative being posted or said. Otherwise, just be cautious and don’t get sucked into anything. If it seems too good to be true, then it is likely a scheme to make someone else money. If it seems like they are asking for legitimate hard work from you, then inquire further. If they have a physical address and phone number you can follow up on, then that would be good. If it’s e-mail only, back away.

    Good luck.

  7. Most people who work online choose to be affiliate marketers. There are tens of thousands of companies that use affiliate marketers to promote their products. Affiliate marketing is challenging though. There are many things you need to learn how to do. Learning how to develop an effective marketing campaign that is going to allow your website to rank on the first page of Google is the biggest challenge. Targeting the right keywords so that you are on a high traffic page is even more challenging. I am not trying to discourage you I just want you to realize that even though you are good with the computer you will need to how to be an effective affiliate marketer if you are interested in pursuing this type of opportunity. You can search the web for good program yourself. Do lots of research before you join a program. If you want some suggestions let me know.

  8. There is another one similar to the WestAtHome that was already mentioned. Its LiveOps. I know someone who makes $14 an hour. You have to be good at customer service and able to get peope to buy more than they had planned. You will have to take a reading/comprehension test as well as submit a sample of your voice.

  9. Hi. I am currently working from home and making a good amount of money in the health and wellness industry. If you would like more information visit my website at. This is not a scam, I promise. My website will prove that. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  10. There are so many online scams are existing in the internet. Even search queries in popular search engines were displaying too many scam sites as top search results. After long time searching for work from home sites, finally I have found a website which helps to make money online for free :

  11. there are lots of ways to work from home like blogging, advertising programs, sale on eBay, affiliate marketing, online surveys, ebook publishing,… check these two websites. they provide lots of information and ideas to work from home. Hope it helps you.

  12. Hi,

    Yes. You should visit this website. It is free and easy to make money. You can easily make $20 within the first 10 minutes to $200 within an hour or two! ^_^ . Everyone is eager to help you so you can have fun and discuss all of your concerns while you make money!

    Hope this helps!


  13. There is a Home Based Career Center on the website below. Real jobs that you apply for online.

    Medical Transcription is of course included – there is an online guide to becoming a transcriptionist — but there are other non-health related fields as well.

  14. hi,

    I tried a method some time back when I was starting out. It used to make me around $300 per week. I haven’t tried it in some time, though I’m sure it still works as the method cannot dry out. Its VERY DIFFERENT from the other s*** stuff here like Paid-To-Click etc and it doesn’t require any money to start. Its all about ‘a creative technique’. Let me know if you are interested, email me at.


  15. If you want to work from your computer at home, you are probably going to have to do it as a business owner, rather than as an employee. There are no online work-at-home “jobs”.

    When you apply for a job offline, in the bricks and mortar world, do you have to pay anything? Of course not. It should be the same in the online world. If you are asked to pay any money, at best, it is a business opportunity, but more likely it is just a scam.

    Be very careful that you don’t get scammed.

    I do affiliate marketing online. I’ve been doing it for a year and I’m getting ready to quit my regular job, as I am now making over $10k per month. However, it takes dedicated, persistent work, at least a few thousand of initial working capital, decent organizational skills, and a healthy dose of motivation, but you can make a living at it if you stick with it.

    But that is a business.

  16. would you be interested in writing?

    You could setup a blog or website, this is completely free. Once you have added some good content, you can start to earn money from advertising. I know you wont make a huge income from this, but it would get you started working from home.

    Pick a topic which you are very interested in, and write a piece on that everyday.

    I’ve given step by step instructions on how to create a website for free, and then add adverts to it so you can start generating income.

    Any questions please leave a comment on this blog.

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