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Thinking of starting your own home based business the get helpful tips from those who are also thinking about it or who have taken the plunge already.

I am looking for an honest and reliable home based business. Any ideas?

godess178 asked:

I answered an ad on the internet the other day about a home based business come to find out it was herbal-life and they wanted me to pay $400 for some kit. If you are looking for more money in a business what makes them think that you have that kind of money to spend? So my question is who knows of a legit home business that I can do for a minimum start up fee?

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  1. allsmiles_24seven Nov 24th 2009

    You have to be very very very very very careful about this! I have tried to do it myself and only find things a scam, and I re-searched endlessly for about a week and gave up. They all will ask you for money, and I find this odd, being you get a job to make money.

    Please be aware, and definitely don’t listen to the guy before me… he’s obviously a scam!

  2. There are various ways you can make money from home. In most cases, however, you will probably need to invest some cash. I cannot think of many businesses that you can start without spending something to get up and going.

    However, as someone else said, there are many scams. Be very careful. It if sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    I have a couple of suggestons. First, join the Work at Home Forum (free). Read the posts there, You will find a lot of information about working from home, business opportunities that are worthwhile, etc. Ask questions and other members will respond with their advice and experiences.

    Secondly, if you are interested in selling products on the Internet as an affiliate, you might want to get the free report available at the other link below. The report was written by an Internet marketer to give to his friend. It outlines a 22 step plan for making money online. You will not need to spend anything to get started.

  3. I am a single mom working from home and I make a good living. I work for AmeriPlan, which is a health benefits company. It is $95 to get your business up and running. They provide you with 5 websites that are set up and ready to go as soon as you sign up, and they provide daily training over the phone. They will also provide you with a $50 sales aid certificate when you join to help you purchase any supplies you think you need. I love this company. It has helped me to be able to be there for my daughter. Let me know if you want more information and I will be glad to help you get started.
    $400? That is crazy! That is the highest business start up fee I have ever heard of! And I talked to Herbalife….it wasn’t that much when I looked into it. I think someone is being greedy.

  4. I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. The start-up kit costs $100 plus tax and it is well worth it, as you get more than $100 in product you can use for yourself or for your customers to sample. You also get all the info you need to start your business successfully. You make a 50% profit and you get your own personal use product for 50% off! Women LOVE the product and the potential for income is amazing. You can work full or part-time, working your schedule, not someone else’s and be your own boss.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  5. My friend has been working in a home business for almost 5 years and does quite well ..
    Not some huge start up and also she doesn’t have to sell a bunch of stuff like the MLM businesses ..
    I used to do Discovery Toys and got burnt with bad checks all the time ..she doesn’t even have to collect money!

    I am sure she will show you the ropes .. Tell her Y sent you!

  6. I am a stay at home mom..and have also had the same problem with at home businesses…I recently dicovered one that I can testify is not a scam! I am a Passion Consultant and love it. I make my own hours, I have fun, and I have many great opertunities through the company. My over-head was shockingly low, and I have already made back every dime I spent to start up. So I would love to give you all the ends and out. Get in touch with me.

  7. I do several things, The link will take you to the portion of my site that lists 3 Free to begin and run on a shoestring businesses.

    It also contains a link to ordering a $14.95 CD that contains over 3000 pages of different businesses, how to run them, and market them. My own home business idea came from one of the reports contained on the CD.

    Remember, there has to be SOME investment when starting a business; either time or money.

    Thankfully, mine has been mainly time.

    Take a look… you will be glad you did.

    Ron Harvey

  8. Hi,

    I know that there will be plenty of posts from people who got burned from home based business scams and many will be reluctant to go to a website to check it out.

    But, if you’re asking the question, here is the answer….
    There ARE legitimate home based business opportunities out there !

    If you are interested in Network marketing, you may want to check out a legitimate home based business that focuses on building a business based on books, self-improvement, and a culture of charity.

    The founders are Robert Allen (Multiple Streams of Income) and Richard Paul Evans (The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me)

    It doesn’t get more legit than that.

    This is not a get rich quick scheme by any means.

    There is extensive company and team training, so you will learn how to build this business the right way.

    It is a dynamic, rapidly growing company. But, it is network marketing and you have to build the business. But, it is a great product, great people and fun.

    Make sure to exercise due diligence when you are researching any home based business opportunity.

    Also, try to find a product or service that you are passionate about. It makes it much easier to be motivated…and if you are motivated you stand a better chance at being successful.

    If you choose a Network Marketing company, make sure they have a money back guarantee, have a great marketing system and provide plenty of support and training.

    Try to get in on a company opportunity or training call to see what the business is all about and the type of individuals who are running the business.

    Contact me through my profile if you are interested in additional information.

    Good luck in your work at home search.


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