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How can I find out about professional, paying writing jobs online?

Madysen asked:

It’s becoming difficult for me to locate writing jobs online (most of what I come across is useless information that doesn’t pertain to my interest at all). Since there aren’t any journals or anything of that sort in my small hometown, I have no choice but to resort to the Internet. Can anyone suggest some sites for writers that really pay for articles, stories, etc.?


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  1. Do you mean to write articles and then send it to them on the web? I think I found a useful site that can help you. The site is in the source section. Good luck, hope that helps!

  2. I write for Associated Content. It is a great site and you have the freedom to write as you wish. Some of my recent articles
    I also write more serious topics.
    Give AC a try!

  3. There are lots of answers to your question. If you want to earn residual income from advertising on each article that you write, then there are lots of options:
    is the one I prefer. you submit articles to them and they split advertising income with you.

    there are others like or

    if you are looking for genuine professional writing opportunities, and i think that you are, then you need to get involved with

    This is where the professionals get their writing gigs.

    I have a site for freelance writers too, its

  4. Try this site, i am working with this site since last 8 months and getting my payouts regularly

  5. Yes! There are alot of companies that hire home agents to work from home. Unfourtunatley, alot of webmasters take advantage of the demand and use it to their benefit. I have made a FREE website that offers home listings. No registration, no home bussiness required, no scams, just apply directly to the company.

  6. It depends on the subject you want to write about and how much you expect to make doing it. There are multiple bid for work sites that you can find online to help you make a little extra money. Unfortunately, those sites often drive down the price of writing because of the huge amount of low bids on projects.

    Have you considered creating information products yourself? Ebooks are big business online and with the right marketing plan and a hungry crowd you could make a good income selling your own information products.

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