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Do you know any good paying online jobs for free?

kristina asked:

I just found out im pregnant, on top of that i hate my “cubical” job at chase. I need to find a job online making GOOD money to support my new family. Does anyone know of any LEGIT online jobs that i dont have to put all my money into?? I would really love to stay home and get things done around the house on top of going out and shoping for my new baby. Please help

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  1. u did not discuss what you love to do
    or what your skillls are or
    you educatioal level.

    Study the book “what color is your parachute.”


  2. senior2006 Mar 21st 2009

    Don’t know of any. Keep your job especially if you have a baby on the way. I hated my cubical job at a bank but kept my cool because the money was great, no one at the bank even suspected I was pregnant, they just thought I was gaining weight after being married. So I know staying at home will be less stressful and you can get plenty of things done. But do your research first.

  3. If you have particular skills that can easily be done at home, you might be able to find something – often that type of job is with someone who was already your employer and allows you to telecommute.

    If you are talking about the surveys, fill out forms, mystery shopper etc websites that keep popping up, no you won’t make decent money through them, they are scams to get your signup fees.

    If you spend much time on Yahoo Answers in Business and Careers, you’ll see this same question asked usually multiple times a day. Lots of people would like to stay at home, and work when they want to, in their jammies – but there isn’t much available that way.

    There are many people who work from home and make decent money. I know several. Three are working for the employer they previously worked for, but most of the time work at home and only occasionally go into the office, maybe a day a week. The other two have their own businesses, one a PR business and one in web design.

  4. There is no such thing as on-line JOB for free. What you will be offered are on-line businesses of your own with no guarantees of wages. Trust me on that one.

    However if you start some home based business of your choice now on part time basis learning marketing techniques and the use of leverage you will very likely develop considerable income by the time you will have to stay home with your newborn.

  5. The following article outlines a few excellent ways to generate income online:

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