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Thinking of starting your own home based business the get helpful tips from those who are also thinking about it or who have taken the plunge already.

Any good tips for home based business without costing a lot to start?

sandman asked:

Does anyone have any good tips for a good money making home based business that can be started up with little or no cash investment? If you have something fresh I would appreciate hearing about it. I’ve heard all the old tired ones that have been around forever. Most want you to invest $ to get started so that’s their home based business, getting other people to join. If there is a true can’t miss system out there it seems like they would want to share it and have you pay as you reap the profits, in other words, no risk because if it doesn’t do what they boast, you aren’t out anything except time. PS…. no artsy stuff as I’m a single guy so not into gurly stuff.

Create a video blog…instantly.

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  1. You could start your own letter licker business…Who knows where that tounge will lead you…lol

  2. try permanent home …the grave yards

  3. buy designer clothes from charity shops, then sell them on ebay…… I know people doing this already…. makes them loads of extra money

  4. Just send me $20 and I’ll tell you everything you need to know

  5. I know you said you don’t want girly stuff but do you like to cook? I run a home based business selling cooking products and a lot of men do quite well at it. If it sounds like something you would like my email is

  6. Teach English to Asian students from home.

    No teaching experience required.
    Must be a native English speaker.
    Knowledgeable in PowerPoint.
    Must be able to multi-task.

    If interested, please contact vida for more information.
    Email add:

  7. Try this site: it can make you good money and it is easy to do. There are no fees and it pays out every Friday. It is one of the few work at home websites that has made me good money consistently.

  8. Hi.
    I have a home based business where I sell a complete website package to small businesses for a handsome profit. This is something that the customer has the ability to create and customize with no programming. The company that distributes this package does have a design department if the owner does not want to build the initial design which starts from one of many professionally designed templates, but can be configured to look any way the client wants. It is e-commerce ready and even lets you submit to search engines as well as other features.

    I paid for my startup cost by first finding a business that wished to create a website for itself. I made twice what it took to become a distributor for the company. There is a residual income business model which is built on building membership, but I know that’s not what you’re looking for. so I won’t suggest signing up with any company.

    What you could do is market this product to small businesses for $15/month and leave the distributorship matters to me. You would have your own website to direct prospects to as well as flyers and promotional materials. Your job would be to arrange a time where the prospect is available to view a FREE demonstration which can be done with the prospect sitting behind any computer with internet access and a phone from which a product specialist would walk them through the demo and even negotiate price and payment if they wish to move forward. I could even conferece and facilitate the process for you until you are comfortable.

    The retail profit margin is anywhere between $300 and $2100 per sale depending on the customers’ budget constraints and the agreed upon price for the package, whether they include design services, etc. I would only profit from the bonus the company pays me for allowing you to sell a website. You keep the retail profit.

    How do I market? Four ways have resulted in success for me.

    1. I have a website of my own which attracts visitors.

    2. Identify businesses who don’t advertise a web address. I call them and simply ask “What is your web address?” If they don’t have one, ask if the owner would like some free information regarding a package you offer. This is easier than you think.

    3. Visit businesses that interest you. Don’t go in with a suit and briefcase. If you are a legitimate customer, that opens the door to asking them if they advertise on the web.

    4. Networking groups. There are many kinds but most involve businesses who may need a new or updated web presence.

    I hope this is helpful. If this sounds like something you or anyone else you know might be interested in, please let me know.

  9. Here’s something that you may want to take a look at. It is free to join and will never cost you anything. No risk to you.

    Also, for some free education, you may want to take a look at

  10. Now that the scams & spams are out of the way, here’s a few places to start looking. These are legit places, without all the BS, biz-opps and such. Good luck!

    Old Nikko

  11. You can try internet marketing, get yourself a mentor and your learning curve will be quick. You can also get other ideas from this site

  12. I think you better refine your question a little more. What is a lot to start? $49? $100? $500? Any time you start a home based business there will be start-up costs. Service industry may have the least depending on the service (dog walking doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment but then again is the monies earned relevant to the expenses?) I am part of a home based business that is absolutely amazing. I get paid to travel. I get paid when others travel. and I get paid when I show others how to do the same thing. The company is a publicly traded company and offers a $6000 guarantee that if you do what they tell you to do, if you do not make at least the $6000 in income, they will pay you the difference. If you are interested, go to

  13. I started a home based business with a new international company that is 100% free and totally different. It’s legitimate and not like anything else around. It’s not MLM and it’s 100% scam free. There is nothing to sell, no meetings, and all the tools are free. It’s an honest company with good morals and we are trying to help everyone who wants to work at home and make some extra money. Again it’s free so you have nothing to lose. Let me know if you want more info.

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