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Where can i find a good home based business to earn some extra income?

rtakeshia24 asked:

Where can i find a good home based business to earn some extra income? Without and start up costs or fees.

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  1. I don’t know how you can start a home business without some type of investment. Most of the online stuff you will find are scams of some sort. I suggest you make things and sell them on ebay or craigslist. You could even make a website for your products. Here is a site that has many different ideas on different stuff to make and also actual business ideas. If you are able to make stuff your options are almost endless.
    Hope this helps and Good luck

  2. Dear if you start home based business for earn i suggest you check this source its very useful source i hope this source can help you

  3. so here is the BEST way to earn,you just have to click the ads,and view for few seconds…YOU ARE CREDITED…but make sure you “click ads everyday”. . . after then when you earn few amount…..”rent the referrals”…..and then..your done…happy earning….

    you can earn more….just click ads evry day..

  4. You can only obtain legitimate work from home positions from brick and mortar companies.

    You want to send your resume out to companies hiring for positions you are qualified for, but include in your resume that you have a home office and you wish to work remotely. Include how you have your home office set up and what equipment you already have in order for you to perform your job.

    These jobs are just going to advertised as jobs, they would not promote them as “work at home” because they would hear from too many unqualified people,

  5. when you start your own at home business there is always going to be somewhat of a cost to start. usually its a start up kit to get all your supplies to start your own business. the ones you need to look at are the ones that will make you your start up cost plus some back to you as soon as possible. as well as a fast growing business. My wife is doing one where see made her start up back plus some her first month and is still doing it and also love it. check it out to see if its something you might like.

  6. Hi! takeshi,

    There are various type of home based business around that you can earn some extra income.

    Without start up costs or fees, you may consider home based telemarketing business, where you are paid for the telemarketing services and no start up cost. Home based catering services is another profitable business when you can use your existing cookware to provide services.

    You can also consider selling other people products online where no cost is involved.

    There are many home based business opportunities around depend on which area you are interested to work on.

  7. There are many home-based businesses that you can technically “start for free”. There are affiliate programs and Associate Distributor/Rep programs that do not require any start-up costs or fees.

    However, the reality is that you will probably need to make some investment to earn any income. Here are some examples of typical costs: business cards, website, marketing materials (catalogs, brochures etc), products or samples to show people.

    The other thing you will want to do is compare compensation and profit margins. Most opportunities that you can “start for free” have a very low profit margin (5%-20%) compared to opportunities that require some start up costs or fees usually have a 30%-50% profit margin. You can add up how much more you will need to sell if you earn only 5 cents on each dollar in sales compared to 50 cents on the dollar!

    I’ve included links to some programs I know of that are free to sign up.

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