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Thinking of starting your own home based business the get helpful tips from those who are also thinking about it or who have taken the plunge already.

How do I go about starting a home based business? What are some grants that I can apply for to help me?

..shy<3 asked:

I am interested in starting a home based business, at least home based for now. I want to design and sell plus sized clothing. Do I need a business license? What about financial assistance? Also if its needed it will be located in middle TN.


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  1. You will need a state tax ID number for sales tax purposes. If you need a city license you need to check with the local city clerk. Also make sure you can operate a home-based business in that area by contacting the zoning department. You probably won’ get a SBA grant to start that particular business but I’m sure if you asked around you could get a low-interest loan. Good luck.

  2. First, regardless of what anyone says, the Federal government does not give out grants to start small businesses, unless you are in a chosen area such as bio-tech (with a tested product) or defense. The SBA may be able to guaranty a loan for you – ask around to the local banks to see if they have small business guaranteed loans. For a loan, you will have to write a business plan/proposal – the SBA web site has some good information on how to write a plan/proposal. Also, SCORE ( has people available to help you do this plus much more.

    As mentioned, you may have to get a zoning variance to open a home-based business, especially if you will have people coming to your house (for example, if you are designing wedding dresses and the bride and bridesmaids will be visiting). For this, you will have to appear at a hearing and anyone can show up to speak for or against your variance. Check with your zoning board as to the regs in your jurisdiction.

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