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Home based business for someone with tax background?

Ann N asked:

I have an accounting degree, specifically in taxes and looking for a home based business that fits my back ground. Any ideas?

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Posted in United States 14 years, 6 months ago at 10:45 am.


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  1. You could try tax planning and preparation. A filling cabinet and computer are all the equipment needed.

  2. Compared to offline businesses, the investment required to start an online business is minimal. A popular way of earning money on the internet is by providing information and services. This can be monetised by advertising or charging a subscription. You can also make money online by selling products on auction websites like eBay or through your own website. More information available at

  3. Put your accounting head on and look at how I do my Psychic business. Then see if you can fit something similar around your own expertise. About $300 will get you started. Then all you need is a passion, some persistence, and you know that old fashioned word – w.o.r.k.

  4. Try setting up an Accounting business out of your home. I know several people have done that and also incorporated selling insurance at the same time. You might check with some insurance companys to see if they have ways how to start.

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