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How can I find a home based business that isn’t a rip off?

Lowcard52 asked:

I am looking for a home based business that I can do from my computer at home without a large investment. With all the financial freedom ads on the internet, how do you know that they are on the up and up? Is there a reliable source that list the real ones?

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  1. The first clue: Do they ask you for money? if so, it is a scam.

  2. affiliate marketing is what is recommended.where you promote a company’s product for a commission. go there to see for yourself because we can list sites but only you can decide which to take.Good luck

  3. i have found a great website called its 100% free so you don’t have to worry about paying anything. Now here is the best part it has 22 streams of income.

  4. nguyenthanhtungtinbk Mar 10th 2009

    If you can do some programming, system architecture, project planning and management stuffs … or can be good choices. But these websites are almost about outsourcing, so the sellers (coders) are mostly from developing countries or students. I was both buyer and seller on these kind of websites (just for fun ^_^)

  5. I completely understand your caution and skepticism, because I recently went through the same thing. I was originally searching for an opportunity to make some extra money because my husband is a full time doctoral student. However, when I found the number one National Health Benefits Company in the U.S, I realized that this opportunity is going to change my life. I thoroughly researched the company and found out that legitimacy is not even a question. This 15-year-old company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Dental Plans. This is a nationally known and reputable home business, which has been featured on “60 Minutes” and the New York Times, to just name a few. This is the number one national health benefits company in the United States and is accepted at over 100,000 retailers throughout the nation (Wal-mart, K-mart, CVS, Target, Sears Optical, Walgreen’s, etc.).

    A legitimate business will never promise that you will become rich overnight and without putting in the necessary work. However, if you are willing to work at least part time hours on this business, it will reward you for the rest of your life! This company pays me daily for the work that I do and we are paid residually as well. Your income will increase every month because of the residual pay, which means you are paid every month for work that you did once.

    In addition, there are no products, cold calling, or hard selling. We simply provide a needed service for a very affordable price by using our internet connection and telephone. I love this business because I know that I am going to really make a difference and as a psychology graduate this is very important to me. However, I also realize that this business is going to change my own life as well!

    I am just excited to share my experience working from home and I wish you the best of luck!

    You can research the company at

    Jennifer Newman

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  7. Look at this one use this to log in
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    They will pay you $120 per connection. Just imagine getting one person per day 5x$120=$600 per week

    Good Luck

  8. Hi, you can go to to see what I do from home. Be sure to watch both videos because it is the second one that talks about the business opportunity. Hope this helps.

  9. If you will log on to: , we can help you with the fastest growing home-based business around with no large investment and NO RISK. We’d love to help you.

  10. Hello ~

    You might try Success at Home Magazine.

    If you’ve been doing your homework, you know that starting your own business is absolutely the way to go..

    Sadly, there exist quite an assortment of somewhat slimy, often sleazy, ethically shaky, and even downright criminally fraudulent “opportunities” out there. Believe me, I fell for several, and I am NOT a dummy. (An attorney for 20 years –- now focusing on POSITIVE pursuits!)

    I invite you to look at what I have found to actually be, an honest to goodness legitimate opportunity (shocking, I know)… perfect for part-time and/or stay-at-home parents…and, since you don’t know me, why not take the time and browse the website to get a feeling for it and see what you think…
    As I’m sure you well know, the timing right now truly is ideal for entrepreneurs setting up shop; even while keeping day-jobs as a safety net…. at first. ..

    Assuming you qualify, you may want to consider joining me as a distributor with this honest, creative, fun, positive, incredibly successful company!.. Feel free to check it out at: while you are there, try out the system for free to see if it’s a right fit for you.

    Any questions? I am at – 925-435-5674.

    My Best Wishes for Your Great Success, Wherever You May Find It!

    God Bless~


  11. There are tons of home based business opportunities out there. I know a lot of different people who have one for many years. Some of them primarily work from their computers, some of them work off line as well, and some work with both. I think with a business you need to have a computer for different reasons.
    There are many ways to distinguish if a business is are on the up and up. 1. How long they have been in business. If it’s like 10 years or more, then you know that they have been around for a while and follow the rules and regulations. Companies don’t make it if they are not on the up and up. 2. Are they registered with the BBB? If they’re registered with the BBB then you know they are legit. But that’s all the BBB is good for. Everything else is bogus to look at. (there is an article that I suggest you read on just what the BBB is about). 3. Have they made the inc 500 listing? 4. do they have a physical address? Not just a P.O. Box. 5. Is there someone you can contact personally? Many other things you can look into to see if a business is on the up and up.
    The only “real” reliable source is talking to people who are involved in the business in that industry now and working their business today.

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