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I want to start a home based business out of my Condo?

Florence B asked:

I have a condo unit on the ground floor. I want to start a home based business, and run it out of there. Are there rules I must follow? Do I need to inform someone? Can I just do my own thing?

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  1. That depends. Whether it’s home based consulting, or intimate services rendered, or something in between

  2. you nees to ask the people you pay the upkeep fee to. Isnt there a condo board?

  3. You need to check with your condo association. You also need to get a business license with your local government.

    Most associations and business licenses prohibit a type of business that allows your customers to come to your home.

  4. First of all, your condo association has rules that likely prohibit and business with customers, delivery vehicles, signs, etc. In addition, your municipality has zoning ordinances that prohibit many home based business in a residential district. You can inquire about the rules for both.

  5. Florence,
    Depending on the type of business and the rules and regulations provided by your home owners association
    you can start a business in your condo. If you are running a business over the Internet this won’t affect the association, but if you are planning about advertising business and getting people to come to your house, you need to check with them first. I hope this has helped.


  6. You will first have to first check with your local zoning authority to determine whether or not your condo is zoned for commercial use. Then check with your condo association, which may ask you two questions: “Who will provide the parking? Will you have major foot traffic and and from your condo unit?” Your answers to these questions will determine in the long run, whether or not the association will grant you a permit to operate a home-based enterprise.

    Good luck!

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