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What is the best home based business out there?

leslie a asked:

A home based business with a low start up cost and be able to make a good living…no enventory to keep, no selling, using my computer.

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  1. The best home based business depends on your personal interests. The best home business for me is Ameriplan, which happens to meet the requirements you mentioned. We’re service based instead of product based so there’s no inventory, there’s no cold calling, and your business can be done completely online if you want. You can read more about Ameriplan at my website listed below.

  2. i suggest you should learn from free resources first before starting any online biz. cause there so much scam whether it is legitimate or not. make full use of the free resources you can get such as free report or ebooks. learn it 2 or 3 month without spending any money. if you thing there is a real way to make money then make your move. but find knowledge first cause it could help you so much in recognize scam.

  3. In my opinion the best is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. We offer a wide variety of services and the investment is not too much to handle. The team that I’m a part of is doing very well and the company itself is growing more each month. Please check out my profile for my contact information. I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Thanks!

  4. Feb 24th 2009

    Good question. Lots of great offers out there, but the problem is that most are scammers just trying to get your money. I still feel the best way to get a start on the net is a eBay business or starting a simple website for a $0- $50 investment. It has its grief but its a good way to learn how to do business online. The key is to find a good supplier who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg monthy frees to sell their products. They should be happy that you want to sell their products… who would charge you for being a free saleman for their store? on there “about us” page they have lots of free resources and free ebooks to help you get started. I have never seen a website or business care enough to give away information. There is hundreds of dollars of freebies on the site.

    If you’re looking for a dropshipper/supplier then is the best free dropshipper out there. Trust me… I paid the stupid scammers hundreds for every list in the world and none were worth a dime. I finally bumped into Buy at Discounts by accident online and was very happy with their service when I did work on eBay. Now I run my own website and I use them to supply my products. So my answer to you is… yes its worth it because its a great learning tool. You may also want to check out the “about us” page at or towards the bottom of the home page for more info on other services and home business ideas. Good luck and Email me if you have any questions.

    Direct quote from their site:

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  5. 2 come to my mind

    Good luck

  6. There are many home businesses out there that meet your basic criteria. The key is to choose something you are passionate about and that will work for you, not necessarily for someone else. You’ll come across several opportunities that tout “no selling” — in essence, any home business involves some level of referring, promoting, marketing, recommending, or selling some type of product or service. If there is no tangible product/service involved, it’s likely to be just a money scheme.

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