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jobs online?

jeremie asked:

is there any online jobs for teens like that you caan get paid from, and like there not just scams, and if you need to know where i live i live in delhi india, and i need to find a job that i can do online?? PLEASE HELP ME oh and im 17

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Posted in Small Business 15 years, 3 months ago at 9:58 pm.


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  1. I am seeking for this kind of job for a long time,,but most of them are those cheating junk faked jobs…

  2. there are some ideas listed here

  3. Definitely there are many scams and schemes in the work-at-home niche, however there are legitimate jobs and opportunities out there too.

    If you are any good at writing, for example, you can get paid to post on forums, on blogs. You can also work as a freelance ghostwriter.

    You can make some money with the PTR (Paid-to-read) programs. I recommend Marketing Pond, it’s free to join, will never cost you a cent and if you really take it seriously you can make 200-500 a month.

  4. Hi friend.. There are some really a good way of making money online being at home.There is no need to pay at front.Just basic knowledge of internet is enough.Further it is much much better than online paid surveys & data entry..Just try it out there is nothing to lose since u r not going to pay.. Visit this = >>

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  6. Scams request you money !
    try below – (FREE)
    you cud be working from comfort of your home !!!

  7. Well you can try the advertising program by google named adsense.
    It is really good and i also earn a nice amount to spend on my needs along with my pocket money.
    And you can also work whenever you want to…
    Just make a website and start earning. No investment if you start with a blog.

    People have really made fortunes in this thing who took this even a bit seriously…and to top it all you have nothing to lose so i also thought this thing and gave it a try…

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    Good Luck!!!

  8. 1. WelI I actually take surveys for cash. And yes they do pay as long as you know the good ones. I have some free survey sites that are very reliable just check out my profile by clicking my name or email me for them. I only give sites that I’ve been paid by so you won’t get scammed. They’re all reliable and I’ve never had a problem with them. (I’ve been doing them for a year now) The best part is that anyone can do them and they’re easy. You won’t get rich but they definitely help with bills :)

    2. Btw a lot of the ones above are spammers and I wouldn’t trust them

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